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Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claims

What We Do

We have a long history of fighting for clients who have fallen victim to insurance company’s greed and we will continue to hold them accountable for their obligations.  We start at the beginning and are with you every step of the way to assure that you aren’t taken advantage of after such a devastation.

  • ANALYZE your insurance policies to see exactly what is in your contract and how we can maximize the best use of your coverage.
  • SCOPE the damage that your property sustained, and determine what damage was caused by winds, rains, or rising waters so you know exactly how to file your claims.
  • ESTIMATE the cost of repairs to fix or replace your damages with an expert that knows properties and how to estimate the cost of damages from weather-related or catastrophic events.
  • ADVOCATE on behalf of Hurricane Harvey victims to ensure they get the most compensation possible from their insurance companies for damage resulting from the storm.
  • NEGOTIATE with the insurance companies on your behalf to reach the best settlement possible.
  • LITIGATE, if necessary, taking your case to court and using every lawful measure to obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

Why You Need to Talk to Us

You have just been through one of the worst hurricanes in history.  Harvey caused immeasurable damage across the state and if you are one of the victims of the storm, undoubtedly you are relying on your insurance company to protect you and provide the financial help that you have paid premiums for to help you rebuild your biggest asset – your home.

If your home or business sustained damage, you may find you need to file different claims with separate insurances: wind insurance, homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance.  But knowing which natural force did what damage to your property can be complex.  The insurance companies love the blame game and pointing fingers at each other.  We can help you determine what caused your damage and help ensure you receive the maximum use of your insurance policies.

Unfortunately, there are potential issues with receiving compensation for damage claims.  In fact, many companies drop the ball when it comes to repairs and delaying claims needlessly, underpaying claims, and pressuring policy holders to repair damage when the policy allows for replacement.  What will you do if this happens to you and your family?

The truth is, your property was damaged by Hurricane Harvey and you have a right to be treated fairly by your insurance company and YOU SHOULD BE PAID FAIRLY FOR YOUR HURRICANE DAMAGE CLAIMS.  PERIOD.

Call The Bernsen Law Firm today at (409) 212-9994, or Contact Us to discuss your claim.