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Does Civil Rights Protection Extend to Children?

Civil rights violations are subject to civil action, which means you can sue parties who violate your civil rights. Beaumont civil rights attorneys have experience discerning whether grounds exist for you to pursue a civil case and recover compensation for damages.

As Americans, our civil rights include freedom from discrimination, excessive use of force and unlawful search and seizure, to name a few. Civil rights laws arise out of the Constitution and other laws that Congress has passed, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Civil rights violations often extend to protected classes who face discrimination based on color, race, nationality, religion, age, sex and disability. However, abusive treatment that violates your civil rights can apply to any class of Americans, and children’s civil rights violations are some of the latest news stories. Certain courts recognize children as a protected class, subject to civil rights abuse.

A case brought before the United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit by two minor children against Tucumcari Municipal Schools involved a male teacher who had sexually molested two boys. The teacher attempted to argue that he qualified for immunity from civil prosecution based on a lack of established case law for children. He argued that children in school settings did not have the same rights for freedom from sexual harassment as adults had in workplaces. However, the court denied the defendant's argument and upheld that children in school environments have protection against sexual harassment ― just as adults do in their work environments.

If you, your child or a loved one is harmed through a civil rights violation, find out how a Beaumont civil rights lawyer can help.

The Bernsen Law Firm offers a free consultation to discuss the prospects of pursuing a lawsuit.  By: David E. Bernsen

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