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A construction site is an inherently dangerous place, and each year thousands of people are injured while working, visiting or simply passing by an active construction site. Because of the type and weight of materials and equipment commonly found at construction sites, these injuries are often catastrophic. Construction site accidents may occur on residential or commercial property. Determining who can be held liable is often a complicated process. The Bernsen Law Firm is a team of highly qualified Beaumont construction accident attorneys who have the experience and skill to evaluate your situation thoroughly and determine whether you have a legal claim.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 300,000 injuries occur at construction sites annually and more than 1,000 people die. Construction sites are subject to state and federal safety regulations that require owners and contractors to maintain a reasonably safe environment. Nonetheless, there are countless ways construction sites can and do subject workers, visitors or passers-by to unnecessary risk of harm. By retaining an experienced Beaumont construction accident attorney as soon as possible after an injury, you maximize your claim’s chances of success against the parties at fault.

Some of the types of construction site accidents we handle include:

  • Slips and fall accidents
  • Scaffold/ladder accidents
  • Chemical burns
  • Mesothelioma (from asbestos exposure)
  • Demolition accidents
  • Unsafe electrical fixtures
  • Welding accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Wall collapse accidents
  • Toxic substance exposure
  • Blasting accidents
  • Elevator malfunctions

Determining who is at fault for a construction site accident requires experience and research skills. Any or all of the following might be contributing factors:

  • Property owner negligence
  • Negligence or recklessness on the part of workers
  • Defective industrial equipment
  • Drug or alcohol use

Our Beaumont construction accident attorneys are ready to help

If you have suffered a personal injury at a construction site, the attorneys of the Bernsen Law Firm can help you move forward with a claim. Our experienced and dedicated Beaumont lawyers protect your rights and aggressively represent your interests. Whether through negotiation or litigation, we strive to provide the best possible outcome and the highest amount of recovery for our clients.

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