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Well over 170,000 non-fatal workplace injuries have been reported in Texas every year for the past several years. Injuries caused by industrial and refinery accidents can require expensive medical treatment and time away from the job, possibly leaving workers in serious financial distress. When preventable accidents result from negligence, the personal injury attorneys of the Bernsen Law Firm in Beaumont help injured workers seek compensation. With more than 75 years of combined experience, our southeast Texas trial lawyers prepare meticulous cases and passionately advocate for the rights of workers.

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An occupational accident is any injury-causing accident that occurs in the course of a person’s work duties. Serious injuries are most common at worksites that involve greater hazards, such as industrial settings. Texans who work in construction, oil and gas, trucking, fishing, manufacturing, logging or agriculture face greater risk than workers with jobs requiring less physical activity.

The chemicals, heavy machinery and type of work involved at industrial sites create a wide variety of dangers. Some industrial accidents involve only minor injuries. However, a preventable mistake may cause such catastrophic injuries as paralysis, loss of limbs, traumatic brain injuries, burns or lung damage from chemical inhalation.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that 60 percent of construction worker deaths are caused by one of the “fatal four” workplace hazards. These four hazards are:

  • Falls — A fall from an unstable ladder or scaffolding can cause multisystem trauma, which may include spinal, head, nerve and soft tissue injuries.
  • Situations where workers are caught in or between heavy items — Crushing injuries result from serious incidents including cave-ins, being caught between two vehicles or pieces of heavy machinery, being trapped under a heavy object or being pulled into a piece of machinery.
  • Object strikes — Vehicles, heavy machinery, dropped tools and other objects at industrial sites move with substantial force. A person who ends up in the path of a moving object may endure a severe impact and suffer from major injuries.
  • Electrocution — Causes of electrocution include overhead power lines, ground faults and inadequate wiring. A person who is electrocuted could experience burns, cardiac arrest and brain trauma.

Injuries can also result from refinery accidents, maritime accidents, crane accidents, defective machinery, gas explosions, fires, toxic chemical exposure and other causes.

Each of the fatal four hazards is avoidable, and so are many of the other common causes of industrial injury. Often when a serious injury occurs, the blame goes beyond the victim’s employer.  When the company in charge of a site fails recognize dangerous conditions and prevent accidents from occurring, the company may be liable for damages.

Our firm’s personal injury and wrongful death attorneys are familiar with the legal issues relevant to safety at Texas refineries and industrial sites. We will help you understand and assert your rights to compensation.

Strategic lawyers demonstrate liability and argue for appropriate damages

In Texas, workers’ compensation covers situations where a business is responsible for an employee’s injury. However, a victim can seek to recover compensation from a different business or person whose negligence caused the injury in whole or in part. A personal injury plaintiff may collect damages against a third party for:

  • Medical expenses — Costs of hospital care, specialty doctors, surgeries, physical therapy and mental health counseling add up quickly. The liable party can be made to pay for treatment of the victim’s injuries.
  • Lost earnings — Lost earnings can include wages lost from missed work, as well as lost earning capacity due to an injury that prevents a person from maintaining or advancing their career.
  • Costs of care — A verdict or settlement can factor in the costs of future care needed to provide the injured party with a satisfactory quality of life. This care may include occupational therapy, caregiver services, expenses for modified vehicles and other expenses.
  • Pain and suffering — Injured individuals may experience both physical and mental pain and suffering. Damages for pain and suffering are generally larger for more severe injuries.

When you suffer an injury at an industrial site or refinery, potential defendants, along with their lawyers and insurance companies, might try to strong-arm you into taking a subpar settlement or releasing them from liability entirely. Agreeing to surrender your rights without consulting an attorney could be costly. We have the skill and experience to go up against powerful companies and come out on top.

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The attorneys of the Bernsen Law Firm in Beaumont handle Texas industrial accident injury lawsuits with vigor and determination. To schedule a consultation with one of our qualified professionals, call 409-212-9994 or contact us online.

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