Me and my little sister began to cry because we had just now got out of school and police came saying “Beaumont Police ” we called our mom said open the Door and my mom said open the door.So finally my sister opened the door and the male cop Said “Hands Up” me my sister and brother ran in my mom’s room and hid in the closet then we didn’t want to get shot so we came out and seen our sister hand cuffed so began to cry harder and they said were looking for Guadalupe Ramirez and we said we don’t know anyone named Guadalupe Ramirez so the male cop said just let us check our mom did not give them a warnt to go in the house my sister rold them its my birthday they said this is crazy they said how old are you turning she said nine after all I called my mom back and gave the phone to the lady and she said we here that someone is being assaulted here and my mom said No one I know is being assaulted here ahe threw the phone back to me I told my mom to calm down and I tried to give the phone back to her she said no I’m through talking to your mom then she daid in the future if u see a cop just open the damn door