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When Does Paternity Become an Issue?

Today, you frequently hear about paternity issues because more couples are co-habiting and more single women are becoming mothers than in the past.  Establishing paternity can be necessary to resolve legal issues and obtain certain rights for a child. Beaumont divorce and family law attorneys work with parents who face paternity matters to provide legal advice and represent them in legal actions. Some reasons for establishing paternity include:

*         Child support obligations

*         Right to custody or visitation

*         Obtaining health insurance

*         Adoption

*         Inheritance

*         Medical purposes to obtain a family history

*         Family connections

Legal ways to establish paternity is governed by Texas law. Chapter 160 of the Texas Family Code contains statutes that lay the ground rules for establishing paternity. The chapter defines terms relevant to paternity such as genetic testing, probability of paternity, donor, adjudicated father and presumed father. Aside from taking a DNA test, a father can acknowledge paternity by signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) and filing it with the Bureau of Vital Statistics. The father's name then appears on the child's birth certificate and he is the legal father of the child.

Sometimes situations are complicated and consulting a Jefferson County family lawyer can help you resolve the issue and take the right course of action. For example, matters can be confusing when the mother is married to someone else but gives birth through a different biological father. Or, sometimes a baby is born prior to a divorce becoming final and the wife’s husband is not the father. Situations like these require husbands to sign a Denial of Paternity (DOP).

If you are struggling with paternity issues, the Bernsen Law Firm can help. Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.  By: David E. Bernsen

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  1. avatar richard powell
    Posted June 3, 2013 at 9:33 pm | Permalink


    like many people across this county, I apalled by the officers [Ricky Grissom & Ryan Cunningham] behavior. is there any national organization that tracks these abusive law enforcement officers? we are able to track [most of the time] criminals and i would place these two officers in a criminal database, which will hopefully discourage other cities and counties from hiring these guys.

    this database should include all public officals that have been fired for abusive behavior in the work place.

    i live in monterey ca, the school board almost hired a superintendent who was in the process of some legal process secondary to a sexual harassment complaint from is previous position. the board did all there work behind close doors, and only announced the hiring a day or two before his contract was signed. oh, the uproar from the public and teaching staff in the school district actually pulled some weight and the board decided not to hire this individual based on his unsettle legal issues.

    even though he was not hired for the superintendent job, something should follow this fellow around so other school districts will hestitate before hiring him. this is not the type of individual behavior you would expect from someone overseeing the education of children.

    anyway, thanks for your time and i hope the city of jasper pays big time… often the pocket book speaks louder than anything else.

    richard powell

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