like many people across this county, I apalled by the officers [Ricky Grissom & Ryan Cunningham] behavior. is there any national organization that tracks these abusive law enforcement officers? we are able to track [most of the time] criminals and i would place these two officers in a criminal database, which will hopefully discourage other cities and counties from hiring these guys.

this database should include all public officals that have been fired for abusive behavior in the work place.

i live in monterey ca, the school board almost hired a superintendent who was in the process of some legal process secondary to a sexual harassment complaint from is previous position. the board did all there work behind close doors, and only announced the hiring a day or two before his contract was signed. oh, the uproar from the public and teaching staff in the school district actually pulled some weight and the board decided not to hire this individual based on his unsettle legal issues.

even though he was not hired for the superintendent job, something should follow this fellow around so other school districts will hestitate before hiring him. this is not the type of individual behavior you would expect from someone overseeing the education of children.

anyway, thanks for your time and i hope the city of jasper pays big time… often the pocket book speaks louder than anything else.

richard powell